Automotive Diagnostics

Having trouble finding the problem?  We can help!  We have the tools and experience to diagnose and repair the problem.

Automotive Repair

Once the problem is properly diagnosed, we will quote the repair and fix the problem.

Routine Automotive maintenance

Need an oil change?  We have you covered!  We offer all routine automotive maintenance.


Proper Automotive maintenance

Getting your car running right and keeping it that way is our goal.  Routine maintenance can keep your car running right and save you money.  We can change oil, fluids, belts, bulbs, batteries, etc and rotate tires.  If your car is due for any maintenance need, give us a call!

All your automotive needs and then some

If it is broken we can fix it, but we offer more!  With all the years of experience, our guys have been known to restore a few cars in their days as mechanics.  If you have a restoration needs, give us a call.